Let's sum up the past weekend at Spa

28 may 2024
Let's sum up the past weekend. It was a busy and eventful time for us at Volcano Motorsport. The weather at Spa is known for being unpredictable, and this race was no exception. We also miscalculated the tire pressure during the race, which prevented us from achieving the desired results. However, we are working hard to improve our team's performance. In Qualifying 1, Evgenii secured P8, and in Race 1, he finished in P9. In Qualifying 2, he improved to P7, and in Race 2, he finished strong at P4. Since we couldn't conduct a test due to an accident in the previous race, we improved our performance in each session. Unfortunately, in Race 2 due to a pit stop error where Evgenii exited 0.4 seconds too early, we got 5 seconds penalty and missed the podium by 3 seconds and finally finished in P4. We are now looking forward to and preparing for the next race at Paul Ricard 🏁

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