Meet Martín Pérez, Our Young Star at Volcano Motorsport!

12 dic 2023
👋 Say hello to Martín, our 18-year-old mechanic who’s making big waves in the racing world. Straight out of mechanic school at Monlau Motul Technical School, he joined us 2 years ago ready to learn and grow. 🛠 Martín’s journey with us is all about getting better every day. He started as a rookie, but now he’s a key part of our team, working hard on our cars and helping us race faster and stronger. 🏁 We’re proud to have Martín with us. He shows what we stand for at Volcano Motorsport – helping young people become great at what they love. He’s not just fixing cars, he’s helping shape the future of racing. 👏 Join us in supporting Martín. With him on our team, we’re excited for what’s next! 🏆 📢 Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes insights from our team. Go, Martín! Go, Volcano Motorsport! 🌋

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