Difficult weekend for Volcano Motorsport in the fourth meeting of TCR Europe on the streets of Nuremberg!

08 jul 2022
Wet conditions on Friday in FP1, FP2 in the challenging street circuit of Norisring did not allow the team to make a proper setup for the qualy and both races in the dry conditions.
The team made a great effort to bring all the 3 cars on Saturday morning qualifying into Q2. With Isidro Callejas in P3, Evgeniy Leonov in P7 and Klim Gavrilov in P10 in Q1.
Unfortunate contact with the wall prevented Evgeniy Leonov from setting a lap time in Q2 and that meant he had to start both races from P12. Meanwhile, Isidro Callejas managed a P6 and Klim Gavrilov a P10 in Q2. Reverse grid pole position for Race 2 for Klim and P5 for Isidro on Sunday.
Race 1 Isidro Callejas had been fighting for the win, getting to P2 within a half of the race distance and challenging the race leader finally to finish in P5. Klim Gavrilov and Evgeniy Leonov had a more difficult race with many contacts to score a P12 and a DNF respectively.
On Sunday, Klim Gavrilov had a good race from pole and defended intelligently to finish in P2 which keeps him 4th in the championship. Isidro Callejas had an eventful race with many contacts with other competitors but managed to finish in P5 and rise up to 3rd place in the standings. Evgeniy Leonov had an unlucky weekend and was hit hard from behind by another car on the very first lap which meant that he had to continue the whole race from last position with the damaged car to get to P16 in the end.
With these results, Volcano Motorsport is 2nd in the teams standings and our drivers are still in the hunt for the drivers championship crown. We will come back to TCR Europe after the summer break to the circuit of Nürburgring on the 26th to 28th of August.

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